parent support


Being a parent is a big job. With odd hours. And crazy-making demands!

I help parents identify where and how family dynamics might shift, so you can get beyond...

  • Frustrated & Overwhelmed: "My preschooler is driving the whole family, and this train is going to CrazyTown!"
  • Exhausted: "Actually, I do pretty well on 4 hours of sleep. I'm good...zzz..zzzz...zzz...zzzz" 
  • Disrespected: "I never would have dreamed of speaking to my parents the way my 1st grader does!"
  • Confused: "He's refusing to eat things he loves...throwing fits...and started hitting his brother...What gives?"
  • Helpless: "I feel just awful that I can't help her with all these worries &'s like they're taking over."

Our work together will be guided by your concerns and goals. How do you want things to feel in your family? I'm here to support and encourage you, reinforcing the best parts of what you're already doing well. We might explore some tools for listening to children, create a game plan for setting limits and soothing tantrums, or focus on getting you more back-up and breathing room. Active and regular parent support is included with all of my child therapy offerings.