groups & workshops


You deserve to be seen and heard.

Monthly support

I host an on-going group of adoptive parents for conversation and shared support. 3rd Fridays, 10am-11:30, SE Portland. Learn more and sign up for the email list.

special topics

I often host small committed groups to focus on special topics.

Parenting Adopted Teens :: 4-week group for parents raising kids 12-17, adopted at any age

Adoption Across the Lifespan :: 8- to 12-week group open to adult adoptees and birth parents. Topics include: search & reunion, identity & belonging, sharing your story, and navigating mixed feelings.

Hand in Hand Parenting :: 6-week group for parents seeking insight on attachment patterns, managing meltdowns, and decoding the needs behind kids’ off-track behavior. Hand in Hand is an attachment & trauma-savvy approach, responsive to kids’ emotions and focused on strengthening your connection with your child. These tools are great for managing aggression & tantrums, handling fears, easing transitions, and setting limits without harshness.

Request group info + upcoming session dates here.



Season Pass to Adoption Support!

Love the idea of growing your support system? Let us see you through an entire season! 

Join us for any 4 gatherings; prepaid pass gets you $10 OFF per group session. Save your spot here.


Private Sessions

Seeking tips on school advocacy & getting a useful psychological assessment? 

Need help navigating your open adoption? 

Fed up with difficult behaviors?

I offer private sessions with families who want focused support. We'll start with a 90-min parent consult, creating a game plan and prioritizing the changes you'd most like to see in your family. We'll decide together whether parent coaching, family counseling, group support, or child therapy are the best fit.

I love connecting families with my favorite books, resources & podcasts on adoption and parenting!