play therapy


Sandtray & Play Therapy

Play is the language of childhood. Therapeutic play uses open-ended, expressive tools to invite creativity, stories, wishes & worries into the room. Children making sense of traumatic events often find comfort in moving sand, building miniature worlds, and giving voice to puppets. 

My work is to see and understand your child's point of view while we share time and toys

For kids who struggle with fears and feelings, big questions, or finding their voice, the playroom offers a safe space. Materials like sand, dolls, and art supplies can all be used without words!

For parents, joining play sessions offers a glimpse of how our brains' main job is to seek and amplify connection.

We are wired for both curiosity and caution.

We feel safe when we feel connected.

Feeling safe helps us trust that our needs will be met. You are invited into the playroom to explore new ways to communicate and connect with your child. We'll work on every level, soothing their brain from the bottom up, and relationships from the inside out.