adoption therapy


Parenting support that considers the overlap of child development, family dynamics, and adoption themes can offer a different take from traditional parenting. 

Kids often grow and develop at a different pace following abrupt changes or stress in their early years. This might include difficulty eating, sleeping, or soothing on top of frequent moves, changing caregivers, medical issues, or drug and alcohol exposure. These challenges can get tangled with regular growing-up tasks, like independence and self-esteem, surviving loss and grief, handling rejection, weathering shame, and building trust. When adoption is part of the story, these tasks can feel a little 'sticky' or take more time to settle into. Resilience is there; we just need to help kids tap into it. 

Adoption-competent child development consultation can help clarify the WHY behind learning challenges, "stuck" behaviors, extra-sensitivity to the environment, big feelings (aggression, over-sized fears) and tough transitions. 

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common struggles adoptive families face: 

  • how & where to begin the adoption process

  • understanding attachment & bonding

  • decoding early life stress, including neglect, pre-natal / pre-verbal experience, orphanage life, multiple moves

  • navigating open adoption / search & reunion

  • unpacking difficult behaviors and past experience

  • transracial family life and identity

  • talking with kids about adoption

  • soothing grief & loss

  • sibling connections

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