parent support


Being a parent is a big job. With odd hours. And crazy-making demands!

I help parents identify where and how family dynamics can shift.

Our work together will be guided by your concerns and goals. How do you want things to feel in your family? I'm here to support and encourage you, reinforcing the best parts of what you're already doing well. We might explore some tools for listening to children differently, create a game plan for setting limits, try new tips for soothing tantrums, or gently focus on getting you more…breathing…room…so you can think and parent with more energy and clarity. Active and regular parent support is included with all of my child therapy offerings. 

Hand in Hand Parenting group (6 week series $175; partial scholarship may be available)

Fall 2019 :: Portland, OR

An attachment- and trauma-smart parenting approach for re-connecting with your kids, managing off-track behavior, and preventing meltdowns. We'll explore tools for listening & thinking well--even under stress--reducing family conflict, helping kids handle big feelings, and supporting you!

This approach is especially effective with highly sensitive kids, those with a history of trauma, BIG behaviors, or fears.

We’ll explore 5 Essential Tools for taming transitions and channeling aggressive energy. 

Special Time...Little nuggets of attention, focus & warm affection can heal hurts & rifts in connection 

Playlistening...Belly laughter + rough & tumble play help your child work through stuck spots & tantrums

Setting Limits...Getting clear on family values and emotional hot buttons can help you set loving limits 

Staylistening...Deep listening can support your child in braving big emotions. If you’re interested in letting go of "time outs", sticker charts and ultimatums, learning about this type of listening can help.

This emotionally-smart approach to off-track behavior creates more resilient kids with flexibility to reconnect after tough transitions, disappointments, and overwhelm. Building in more support for you is the first step!

Join us for 6 weeks of exploration, alongside other parents seeking to reconnect with our kids.