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Sandtray Play Therapy Workshops for Therapists


February 9, 9am-3pm  |  NE Portland, OR

Sandtray Therapy is a creative, expressive, open-ended modality that's powerful with children, adults, and groups. Open to master's-level clinicians, this session explores this sensory-rich, expressive therapy, connecting it with interpersonal neurobiology, attachment theory, grief and trauma healing. We'll cover sandtray methods informed by symbolic and cultural imagery, child-centered play, narrative tools, and family systems, converging in trauma-sensitive practice methods with kids, age 3+

Registration includes high-quality materials for exploring and skill-building + case consultation

Effective with a variety of clients, this work invites deep communication. This hands-on workshop is an opportunity to listen, learn, collaborate, and try new skills while actively practicing in partner pairs.

Come explore this miniature--yet expansive--world, alongside colleagues as curious as you are!

  • Review basic theoretical perspectives

  • Get tips on setting up and enhancing your collection

  • Experiment with building and witnessing one another's trays

Workshop Goals

1. Explore sandtray as a non-verbal, expressive, experiential modality for diverse clients

2. Identify therapeutic goals & benefits of sandtray with child, teen & family clients

3. Develop awareness of common themes, symbols, and modes of play in sandtray therapy

4. Expand skills in utilizing sandtray as a clinical assessment & engagement tool

I'm excited to hold the space for this experience! Our therapist community will be richer for this chance to play together.

registration is open!




My approach to supporting kids and families is collaborative. I lean into diverse resources to support clients with healing trauma, managing big feelings, balancing brain & body needs, and helping whole families thrive. This means I often consult with teachers, doctors, occupational and speech therapists, social workers, and other helpers to bring awareness to how early life stress and adoption dynamics may be part of the mix. If you're providing care or case management for a child who's adopted or living in foster care, I'm happy to provide specialized consultation. My expertise includes certification in therapy with adoptive and foster families, as well as training in fetal alcohol effects, developmental trauma, and attachment-focused parenting


Looking for continuing education in social work, counseling, OR child development? 

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