Thank You, Parents, for an AMAZING event!!

It super-duper matters that each of you showed up to support one another. We’ve got this!

PS: Your nervous system loves you…it’s trying to tell you something important ; )


Conscious Connection parents' Retreat

Portland, OR | Saturday, October 13, 2018  8:30am-3pm

We become conscious parents by tuning into our nervous systems, setting loving limits, leading with connection, and tapping into a community of other parents who get it! 

Join us for a kid-free day, with breakfast and engaging workshops! We'll break for lunch at nearby food carts.



Conscious connection is a reunion

of your parent self with the rest of you. 

Reclaim your joy and intuition! Catch a spark of recognition. Soak up some well-deserved compassion.

Conscious Connection is a gathering of parents who know the heartache of hard transitions, sibling battles, flaring tempers, and cranky chronic stress that interrupts our best intentions. 

Parenting highly sensitive kids can be a bumpy road!

Been through a big family change? Like adoption or divorce? Navigating a blended family? Raising kids with special needs? There’s no foolproof guide on any of these paths. We bring our parenting styles with us, beginning with how we were parented. What will you change? What will you repeat? How do your needs get met?

Conscious Connection is a process of reclaiming our parenting and ourselves. We’re getting back in touch with our instincts and holding space for who our kids are. In the wake of too many tantrums, too little quiet, 100’s of parenting books, and unsolicited advice—we can be really hard on ourselves. We even start to mistrust—and dismiss—our own needs for safety and reassurance. 

How can you tell when YOU feel steady and supported?

This Retreat is for parents ready to move beyond tough love, time-outs, and no time for yourself. We're gathering to appreciate and learn from one another. We'll share breakfast & coffee, create connections, and find new compassion for just how tricky it can be to keep your footing as the leader of your family. 

Join us for a full day, to soak up and lean into:

  • Better stress-coping

  • Your parenting Superpowers! Decode your kids’ behavior and tap into the needs fueling them

  • Your innate wisdom about your child, becoming an anchor for your family

  • Feel less shame about imperfect parenting moments

  • More curiosity & self compassion

Here are some of the folks we're inviting to join us:

 Jessica Schaffer, Nervous System Health Educator & Keynote speaker

Jessica Schaffer, Nervous System Health Educator & Keynote speaker

Keynote Speaker, Jessica Schaffer

Nervous System Know-How: A Practical Exploration of How Maintaining a Healthy Nervous System Is a Necessary Ingredient for Effective Parenting

As a Nervous System Health Educator, Jessica guides people toward a more authentic relationship with their bodies and overall health. Jessica teaches people about nervous system regulation and resilience. She is passionate about introducing the concept of stress physiology (how our bodies process and metabolize stress and how they are influenced by it) and sharing tools to manage and balance our responses to stress and trauma. Jessica will provide a powerful foundation for guiding ouselves--and, by extension, our kids--toward a profound experience of body awareness and calmer nervous systems.

 Eileen Devine shines a light on how kids’ brains shape their behavior

Eileen Devine shines a light on how kids’ brains shape their behavior

Eileen Devine

"Thinking 'Brain, First'" decoding your child's needs & motivations behind off-track behaviors

Eileen is a social worker and adoptive parent of a child with significant neurobehavioral challenges. As a certified fetal alcohol spectrum educator and a skilled parenting guide, Eileen helps connect our kids' biological, brain-based needs with the behaviors we see. She brings her experience in parenting and adoption therapy to coaching families from a brain-first perspective. Her sweet spot is supporting parents of kids with special behavioral and physical needs. Eileen aims to help parents increase their resiliency, so every member of the family can thrive!

 Ann DeWitt LOVES Positive Discipline!

Ann DeWitt LOVES Positive Discipline!

Ann DeWitt

"Do you really mean it this time? Setting limits that stick, focusing on connection before correction"

Ann is a marriage and family therapist, parent educator, and mom of high school and college students. She brings wit, wisdom, and experience to her parenting classes and community workshops. Ann's goal is for you to experience passion in your marriage and fun in your family.



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