Conscious Connection

A parents’ retreat with HEART :: Spring 2020 :: Oregon Coast

Connected parents' Retreat :: Oregon coast :: Spring 2020

We become conscious parents by leading with connection, setting loving limits, tuning into our own nervous systems, and tapping into a community of parents who get it! 

Conscious connection is a reunion of your parent self with the rest of you. 

Join us for a weekend retreat on the Oregon Coast in 2020!

Feedback on our inaugural 2018 event was awesome! Thank you, Portland parents…

“This empathy-led approach feels revolutionary & I appreciate concrete tools to employ it.”

“I loved it and got some really useful tips & skills. The facilitators & participants did a great job creating a safe space for sharing.

“It was very rich in terms of concrete resources & discussion that touched on everyday issues I struggle with.”

We’re calling together parents who know the heartache of hard transitions, sibling battles, flaring tempers (theirs & ours), school challenges, and how toxic stress builds up to interrupt our best intentions & dissolve our resilience. 

Are you ready to move beyond tough love, time-outs, and no time for yourself? This gathering is created to appreciate and learn from one another. Join us for a weekend of soothing your tired soul. Here’s what you’ll find:

  • Better stress-coping in times of challenge

  • Uncover your Superpowers! Decode your own attachment patterns and tap into what really satisfies you

  • Your innate wisdom about your own capacity for chaos and limit-setting—and your child’s tipping point—so you can become a balancing force

  • Less shame about imperfect parenting moments, noticing what you need to repair & reconnect

  • Cultivate curiosity & self compassion

2020 retreat features: gourmet meals & snacks, moving meditation, nature walks, art-making, parenting workshops + new tools, warm-hearted support from other parents, and LOTS of time to unwind in the beauty of our coastal Oregon playground! Workshop topics and Early Bird Pricing will open to our waitlist first; get on it!

2018 presenters:

Jessica Schaffer :: NervousSystemRESET.com :: Maintaining a Healthy Nervous System for Effective Parenting

Eileen Devine :: FASDNorthwest.com :: "Thinking 'Brain, First'" decoding your child's needs & motivations behind off-track behaviors

Ann DeWitt :: Dewittcounseling.com :: "Do you really mean it this time? Setting limits that stick, focusing on connection before correction"