A day-long workshop for adopted folks!


Adopted Folks Group

Are you an adopted person craving connection with other adoptees? Feeling mixed emotions around search & reunion? Exploring identity & belonging in your current life phase? This gathering is for you. No art-making practice or special skills needed.

This session is ideal for adults, adopted at any age, seeking resonance on the lifelong path of adoption. We’ll share listening time, space for reflection, conversation and art-making. We’ll experience the gentle power of a small intentional group. Some highlights:

  • nourishing snacks

  • gentle, creative prompts + quality art materials

  • dedicated listening

  • room for mixed feelings

  • brain basics on how memory & trauma operate

  • collaborative art-making

  • community of folks who know adoption dynamics

Next session To Be Determined, based on community interest. Please contact MereAnn for an update.

I'm also building a mixed group of adopted folks and birth parents; let me know if this interests you.